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kportscan 3 scanner

kportscan 3 scanner

kportscan 3 scanner
kportscan 3 scanner - best port scanner - advanced port scanner

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it really works with any ports
it works with a list of ranges
multithreaded (1200 flows)
to boom the speed of the scanner. in synthetic assessments the velocity have become better pace vnc scaner 6 times with the same quantity ve streams.
eats little resources (5-10% proca and 15-25 mb of memory (reminiscence isn't always flowing))
clears the displayed popularity of the scan within the shape of development bars
added potential to shop results as without specifying the port, as well as specifying the (ip: port)
completely rewritten flows now they're completely solid, so one can keep your dedicated server alive and
trade the layout window
introduced a counter hoods
constant minor insects within the utility logic

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