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» » Arkei Stealer Cracked | Browser Stealer & Bitcoin Stealer

Arkei Stealer Cracked | Browser Stealer & Bitcoin Stealer

Date: 23 October 18:15
Arkei Stealer Cracked | Browser Stealer & Bitcoin Stealer

Arkei Stealer Cracked | Browser Stealer & Bitcoin Stealer
Arkei - multifunctional styler and non-resident loader in one bottle, written in C ++ without the use of ATL, CLR.

It collects passwords, cookies, CC, data of autocomplete forms, wallets (Bitcoin, Ethereum), files from the desktop, data about the machine, installed software.

Work process:
At startup Arkei is copied to the system directory, scans the OS for the presence of the following browsers, collects data from them.
Then the bot collects files from the desktop of the formats listed below, takes a screenshot of the desktop, puts all the collected data into an archive and sends it to the server along with a general summary of the system.
After receives from the server job (open url, download & start E:xE), performs it and self-destruct, removing all traces of arrivals in the system.

Supported browsers:

Chromium (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Google Chrome (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Mozilla Firefox (Passwords)
Opera (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Kometa (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Amigo (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Torch (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Orbitum (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Comodo Dragon (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
360 Browser (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Nichome (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Yandex Browser (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Maxthon 5 (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Sputnik (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Epic Privacy Browser (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Vivaldi (Passwords + Cookies + CC + Autofill)
Supported utilities:

Loader Functionality:
Download file of any format by reference
Run file after download
Hidden start of the downloaded file
Adding to Startup (Registry)
Adding to Startup (shortcut)
Cooler purse cooler:

File grabber:
Dynamic setting of the grabber files from the admin panel, support for any file types

User-friendly admin panel installer
Opening the link in the browser after the work of the styler
Destroying all working files of Arkei
Low build weight (143kb)
Collecting data about installed software
Support for Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 | x32 / x64 (dedicks from win server 08)
Work from under the user, do not need admin rights
Non-Detect Runtime
ICQ:653580170 whatsapp +79017473945

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Download Link 3

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