AutoLOG Keylogger UAC Exploit Immortal Persistence Password Recovery



AutoLOG Keylogger| UAC Exploit | Immortal Persistence | Password Recovery

Welcome to the sales thread for AutoLOG, one of the best keyloggers ever seen. We ensure that this will work effectively as well as it will have more functions than any other keylogger on HackForums. The new features that have been implemented in AutoLOG include a multi-platform password stealer, a screenshot logger, a snapshot logger, automatic stub update mechanisms as well as a working USB spreader.

AutoLOG features very strong persistence that will prevent termination of the process. AutoLOG has a UAC exploit that will grant you admin rights without the UAC prompt.

AutoLOGhas been coded in AutoIT & Python and has no dependencies. We currently have a 100% FUD stub so you wouldn’t require a crypter for the time being.




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