Blank Grabber

Blank Grabber
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Blank Grabber

• GUI Builder.
• UAC Bypass.
• Runs on Startup.
• Disables Windows Defender.
• Anti-VM.
• Blocks AV-Related Sites
• Hides/Deletes Itself.
• Custom Message Box.
• EXE Binder.
• Better Obfuscation.
• Anti Unpacking Technique (Removed due to bugs).
• Anti UPX-Detection by YARA (Removed due to bugs).
• Anti Pyinstaller-Detection by YARA (Removed due to bugs).
• Grabs Discord Tokens.

• Injects javascript in Discord client’s files.
• Grabs Passwords from many browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.).
• Grabs Chrome Cookies (Netscape format, Importable).
• Grabs Chrome History.
• Grabs Minecraft Session.
• Grabs Roblox Cookies.
• Grabs IP Information.
• Grabs System Info.
• Grabs Saved Wifi Passwords.
• Captures Screenshot.
• Captures Webcam Image (Disabled due to bugs, can be enabled explicitly).
• Sends All Data Through Discord Webhooks.

How to Build?
If you literally have no idea how to build it.

Download and install Python 3 (Make sure to enable the Add to PATH option.)
Verify the installation by executing python –version in CMD.
Download Blank Grabber.
Extract the zip file.
Navigate to the Blank Grabber folder and double click Builder.bat file.
Fill in the fields of the builder and press the Build button.

Discord: blackhatrussiaofficial#5904

Password : adrikadi

Download Blank Grabber

Blank Grabber

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