Burp Suite Pro v2.0.11+Keygen

Burp Suite Pro v2.0.11+Keygen



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Burp Suite Pro v2.0.11+Keygen


Burp Suite (Burp for short) is a well-known and popular integrated tools platform that is used to perform security penetration tests for web applications (actually it’s more commonly used for hacking activities such as web attacks), written in Java, developed by PortSwigger from United Kingdom.

Burp Suite includes a number of tools for network attacks, and many interfaces have been designed for these tools, in order to facilitate and speed up the process of attacking applications. All tools share a powerful, extensible framework, which can process and display HTTP messages, persistence, certification, proxy, log, alert, etc. Its diverse functions can help us perform various tasks, including the interception and modification to network requests, scanning the vulnerabilities of web applications, cracking the login form with brute force, perform session, token and other random inspections.

In summary, as one of the best tools for security testing of Web applications, Burp Suite is a difficult place to get started, especially with its complex parameters. But once you get the hang of its usage, it will definitely make you even more powerful in daily work.

// Installation Notes //
Download and extract program
Run the loader & keygen ‘BurpLoaderKeygen.jar’
Copy the license
Click ‘Run’
Paste the license key, and click ‘Next’
Click ‘Manual activation’
Click ‘Copy request’, and paste it to loader & keygen’s “Activation Request” field
Copy the generated “Activation Response” to manual activation window, and click ‘Next’


jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru

Password : adrikadi

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