CosaNostra v1.2 HTTP BotNet + Tutorial


CosaNostra v1.2 HTTP BotNet + Tutorial

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Stealer Files (Photos , Docs , TXT)
Download and Execute (Loader)
Get information Device [PC Name , Operating System , Firewall , Memory (RAM) , Anti Virus , Processor ]
Get location and address
Clear Cookies and Session from 20 Browsers like [ Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Opera , Yandex etc…]
Anti-Sandbox like [ wireshark , Process Hacker , TCPVIEW , virtualBox , sandboxie etc… ]
# dynamic Pages
# Responsive pages [You can use it from a phone]
# Home page you can see all bots and counters like [Total Bots , Keylogger Reports , Screenshot ]
and info like [HWID , Country IP , Stat ( online or offline), Last Seen ]
# Settings Page

from this page You can set a convenient time for you. You can also activate the file stealing a feature from the victim device
# Tasks Page you can add task Download and Execute or delete tasks
# User Page you can Change User information

Whatsapp +79017473945


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