EagleMonitorRAT – Rev2

Eagle Monitor RAT – Rev2


Eagle Monitor RAT V2

Next level remote access tool

Features :

Supports DNS (No-IP for example)
Encrypted & Compressed Communication with RSM
Packet Serialization
Stub only 28KB and easily encryptable
Installable in task scheduler
Confirurable with JSON
Multi listeners
MultiThreaded & Parallel
Mass & On connected tasks
Passords Recovery
History Recovery
Wifi passwords recovery
Automatic saves recovery
Process manager
Kill Proc
Suspend Proc

Resume Proc
Inject ShellCode in Processes [2 different types]
Change Windows Title
Minimize Window
Maximize Window
Show Window
Hide Window
Delete File
Download File
Launch File
Upload File
Rename File
Encrypt File -> +- 25 algo (symmetric)
Decrypt File
Remote Desktop
Hide & Show Desktop Icons
Hide & Show Taskbar
Change Wallpaper
Run in memory -> native Dll, native PE, Shellcode, Managed dll
Disable Mouse
Disable Keyboard
Get Privileges [Se] -> see logs to check if the privilege has been gotten.
WebCam Capture
Log out
CPU & OS Information
Audio : Volume Up & Down + Mute

Rev2 Latest

[New]Added remote shellcode execution for process manager -> 2 different methods
[New]Added crash process -> execute a shellcode payload
[New]Added detect if proc is 32/64 bit -> some processes require admin rights to be scanned
[New]Automation : saved hosts and ports from builder
[New]Audio mute
[New]Audio Up
[New]Audio Down
[New]Added CPU Information
[New]Added OS Information
UI Corrected in additional settings
Fixed : installation in tasks scheduler
Optimized plugins
Optimized Client
Removed useless imports
#Requested : #4 (comment) : Changed client’s name folder
Multiple select files for download and encryption/decryption in file manager
removed IPAPI
removed PictureBox features
Added missing icons
Fixed non closing connection in remote viewer

Whatsapp +79017473945
jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru

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