Gaudox – HTTP Bot ( | C++/ASM|Ring3 Rootkit | Watchdog |Antis |Stable + Tutorial

Gaudox – HTTP Bot ( | C++/ASM|Ring3 Rootkit | Watchdog |Antis |Stable + Tutorial


Gaudox – HTTP Bot ( | C++/ASM|Ring3 Rootkit | Watchdog |Antis |Stable + Tutorial


Gaudox is a HTTP loader completely coded from scratch in C/C++ language with a few lines of Assembly, which means that it does not require of any dependencies ( C-Runtime, NET Framework, Java VM ). The bot has been fully tested and working on all Windows versions from Windows XP SP2 to Windows 10 (32/64-bit). It is also worth mentioning that I coded this bot with very efficient and stable designed code to handle thousands of connections at once.


Usermode Rootkit
Bot has Rootkit functionality which hides all bot resources and prevents from being accessed from explorer process. This feature does not drop any to disk, the code is internally embedded in the bot file and injected in the target process from memory. It is also has self-protection that prevents the hooks from being removed by third-party programs or any security tool. This feature is currently working on 32-bit systems.

Bot prevents it from being removed from the system by bot killers, security tools or user actions. This feature is currently supporting process protection and working on both 32/64-bit systems but its maximum compatibility is in 32-bit.

Traffic Encrypted
The communication between the bot and the control panel is obfuscated. This prevents middle attacks.

Bot contains several methods for preventing from being analyzed by researchers or unauthorized users. some methods are from preventing static analysis by obfuscating code, data up to detect the presence of debuggers, avoid running the bot in virtualized environments, etc. some methods may not be mentioned.


[+] Download and execute (Drop&Exec)
[+] Visit Website (Visible)
[+] Update Client
[+] Uninstall Client

How to install:
1) Open the Builder and create a new profile, you will use these values KEY #1 and KEY #2 in the panel.
2) Create a new database (recommended)
2) Open setup.php with browser and complete the form.
3) Delete setup.php and open login.php with browser.
5) When creating the bot clients do not forget to use the same profile you used to install the panel, otherwise the bots will not connect to the panel.


* Fixed issue with Uninstall command
* Anti-Virtual machine methods have been enabled


* Fixed issue with location
* Added captcha in login page



Password : adrikadi

Download Link 1

Mirror Link 2

Download Link 3

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