ICARUS RAT – Cracked

ICARUS RAT – Cracked


ICARUS RAT – Cracked


HVNC – Packed full of useful features, that actually work! The HVNC is smooth, with some latency as should be expected with this type of program. As long as your ‘client’ has the program installed you can run a hidden

instance of it, for example, Discord. Even if the user does not have the program installed there is an option to download and execute from a URL, meaning you can install whatever your heart desires.

Stub – Icarus allows you to build a stub for either NET 2, or NET 4. The functional ‘rootkit’ & ‘watcher’ features give this program a competitive edge, making it extremely difficult for a ‘client’ to remove.

Stealer – You can easily choose what you want, whether it be a directory of files or password recovery. There are helpful tips built into the program to help guide you. Data can be exported to Telegram or Discord with ease.

Profile Cloning – This is an operational feature that other HVNC programs claim, but most fall short of. Icarus on the other hand delivers every feature that Icarus_Development claims. Which in this market is rather rare.


The GUI is very clean and easy to navigate, with a minimalistic feel.

Whatsapp +79017473945
Discord: blackhatrussiaofficial#5904
telegram: https://t.me/adrikadi

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