LO$R Logger v2

LO$R Logger v2


LO$R Logger v2

Steal Steam / Minecraft / Metamask / Exodus / Roblox / NationGlory login

Steal (saved) Chrome Passwords / Cookies / History

Inject into Discord / Discord Canary / Lightcord / Ripcord / Xcord

Debug Killer (Kill task gestionary)

Bypass TokenProtector / BetterDiscord

Take a Screenshot

Grab System Information

Bypass Virus Total machines

Bypass VM machines

Hide Itself in Background

Replace the crypto address by your crypto address

Custom Installer Icon / Name / Description Customizable

Cookies Exploiter Tech (soon)

Steal all Chromium Passwords and Cookies for OperaGX/Opera/GoogleChrome/Brave/Chromium/Torch/Edge/Mozilla and others

0/64 Detect Virus Total Builder (.exe) (soon)

Grab Sensitive Files exodus login / a2f backup codes / tokens / passwords… (can be customizable)

Nitro Auto Buy

First Start Reporter

New Passwords(ready but takes 40% CPU so it isn’t added till better browser injection.

New Emails (soon)

New Login (soon)

New Credit Card

New PayPal (soon)

Anti Delete system (re install after Discord uninstall / Discord Update) [also ready but takes lots of CPU]


Download LO$R Logger v2

LO$R Logger v2

LO$R Logger v2 Download Link

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