Multi Locker 3 – Cracked – Builder + Panel (Ransomware)


Multi Locker 3 – Cracked – Builder + Panel (Ransomware)

Multi Locker 3 is a strong ransomware , a software used to lock the computers of your slaves and asking them to send ukash or paysafe cards to unlock it ….the software will ask 100 euros on each infected machine to unlock them , so more you have bots , more money you’ll earn

let’s imagine , you have 500 bots , even if only 50 will pay , 50*100 = 5.000 euros WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING !!!!!Let’s see 1st what the panel looks like with some screenshots of my own botnet :


<img ” src=”” />

- Unpack File

- Create MySQL Database
- Import .\lending\sql\db.sql

- Edit .\lending\include\config.php
- Set your Database Infos, then Login Infos
- Save
- Edit .\lending\conf\
- Set Login Infos for Editor
- Save
- Upload all files to your Host

Set write permission according your needs, you should know what you are doing.

- Launch MLBuilder.exe
- Set you Host where getunlock.php and tds.php are stored, actually in '.\lending'
- Let say we set this up locally we Set Host to :
- Host must not begin with 'http://' must End with '/'
- Click 'Build'

- File is 8 Kb ideal for Exploit Packs

for more help contact me



Password : adrikadi

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