njRAT v0.6.4

njRAT v0.6.4


njRAT v0.6.4
A RAT or remote administration tool, is software that gives a person full control a tech device, remotely. The RAT gives the user access to your system, just as if they had physical access to your device. With this access, the person can access your files, use your camera, and even turn on/off your device.


Nj Rat is a modern remote administration tool which work almost on all windows from xp to windows 10.
nj rat comes with alot of great feature with all kind of spying few of feature we mention in our post and for details you can download and try it

File Manager
Run File
Run file from link
Run file from DIsk
RUn file from script
Remote Desktop Access
Remote Cam
MicroPhone access
Remote Shell
Process Manager

Open Chat
Get Passwords
Server control

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telegram : https://t.me/adrikadi

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