Parasite HTTP Botnet – All Plugins

Parasite HTTP Botnet with All Plugins


Parasite HTTP Botnet with All Plugins

Parasite HTTP is a professionally coded modular remote administration tool for windows written in C that has no dependencies except the OS itself.
With the stub size of ~49kb and plugin support it presents perfect solution for controlling large amount of computers from a remote location. Above all, the password stealer is extremely advanced. That being said, it can be used for any of your password recovery uses.
User management
Browser password stealer
FTP password steaker
IM password stealer
Email password stealer
Windows licence keys stealer
Hidden VNC
Reverse Socks5 proxy
No dependencies (Coded in C)
Small stub size (~49kb uncompressed, ~23kb compressed)
Dynamic API calls (No IAT)
Encrypted strings
Bypass Ring3 hooks
Secure C&C panel written in PHP
Firewall bypass
Supports both x86 and x64 Windows OS (from XP to 10)
Full unicode support
Online builder tied to your domain/s (Build bot bin anytime with any settings you wish)
Much more.

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