Parasite HTTP Botnet+All Plugins

Parasite HTTP Botnet+All Plugins




Parasite HTTP Botnet+All Plugins

Parasite HTTP is a professionally coded modular remote administration tool for windows written in C that has no dependencies except the OS itself.
With the stub size of ~49kb and plugin support it presents perfect solution for controlling large amount of computers from a remote location. Above all, the password stealer is extremely advanced. That being said, it can be used for any of your password recovery uses.

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User management
Browser password stealer
FTP password steaker

IM password stealer
Email password stealer
Windows licence keys stealer
Hidden VNC

Reverse Socks5 proxy
Features:No dependencies (Coded in C)
Small stub size (~49kb uncompressed, ~23kb compressed)
Dynamic API calls (No IAT)
Encrypted strings
Bypass Ring3 hooks
Secure C&C panel written in PHP
Firewall bypass

Supports both x86 and x64 Windows OS (from XP to 10)
Full unicode support
Online builder tied to your domain/s (Build bot bin anytime with any settings you wish)!! IMPORTANT !! ALWAYS RUN BUILDER IN SANDBOXIE OR VMWARE THERE IS DETECTIONS!! I DID NOT REVERSE OR CREATE THIS!

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