Silent Crypto Miner (xmr + eth) v2.0.2 (CPU + GPU)

Silent Crypto Miner (xmr + eth) v2.0.2 (CPU + GPU)


Silent Crypto Miner (xmr + eth) v2.0.2 (CPU + GPU)

The best miner at the moment (among the free ones), everything is translated, if there are errors somewhere, write to HP, I will fix it. The miner itself is written in c #, which makes it easy to encrypt. Miner review for those who do not understand how to configure at all:

In the miner, you can use several algorithms at once, for example xmr and etc.
The main plus of the miner is loading into the memory of miners (the process is almost impossible to track)

All functions are working properly. There should be no Russian symbols on the way to the miner.


Injection into the process, for example: conhost.exe, explorer.exe, svchost.exe and others.
Process closure protection.
When opening task manager,, etc. the miner is hiding.
And all the other functions that hidden miners have.
Additional functionality:
Bypass Windows Defender.
Pause for obfuscation, files are created that you encrypt as a result, getting almost food.
Click the add button.
Choose an algorithm and set up miners (I make 2 miners for eth and xmr).
Customize the rest of the tabs and put together the final file.
The meaning of some functions:
The Load and Save buttons are used to load and save the current settings.
Idle Mining – increased mining if the computer is not used.
Idle Wait – time after which to start increased miningTo encrypt the miner, you can use any obfuscator from this collection on github

Ahuyu there are also pools besides minergate ???
pool (minimum output) (0.1 coins ~ 1900 rubles) (0.0011 coins ~ 20 rubles) (0.3 coins ~ 5700 rubles)

Whatsapp +79017473945


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