SilentCryptoMiner v2.1.0

Silent Crypto Miner v2.1.0


Silent Crypto Miner v2.1.0

Added the Ghost Rider algorithm, mainly used for the coin Raptoreum
Added JSON generator inside builder for easier “Remote Configuration” and web panel configuration creation
Added rootkit helper signatures to relevant files to ensure that files and processes are not hidden from the miner processes
Added new “Out of free VRAM” status for the web panel if no GPU has enough current free VRAM to mine the selected coin

Added “remote-config” and “api-endpoint” configuration options for the “Remote Configuration” and web panel configurations

Changed save/load form serialization to also save checkbox and toggle text states
Changed default “Startup” “Filename” due to certain anticheats blocking default “Startup” folder access
Changed “Shellcode Loader” code and overall flow
Improved rootkit stability and stealth
Cleaned up messy and unclear form control names, breaks old save compatibility

Silent Crypto Miner

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