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REMCOS RAT Professional v1.7 (Cracked and Fixed)

REMCOS Professional v1.7 (Cracked and Fixed) Remcos is a lightweight and fast Remote Administration... 18 March 00:19

KeyBase v1.5 Beta

KeyBase v1.5 Beta... 16 February 19:36

Havij v1.16 Pro Portable Cracked

Havij v1.16 Pro Portable Cracked It can take advantage of a vulnerable web application. By using... 04 February 06:20

Anubis Cracker v1.2.1 RDP SSH cracker

Anubis Cracker v1.2.1 RDP SSH cracker... 25 January 18:20

Greame RAT v1.5

Greame RAT v1.5 This is a tool that allow you to control your computer from anywhere in world. With... 06 November 20:31

Bifrost v1.2.1

Bifrost v1.2.1 Bifrost RAT is an application that can give you full access to victims computer.... 06 November 18:45

THC Stealer v1

THC Stealer v1 A good stealer to steal others information.... 16 June 18:21

Costex Keylogger v1.1

Costex Keylogger v1.1 This is a simple SMTP and FTP keylogger.... 16 June 09:34

Citadel v1.3.5.1 (Rain edition) cracked+all kits

Citadel v1.3.5.1 (Rain edition) cracked+all kits... 12 May 13:41

ProxyFire Master Suite v1.24

ProxyFire Master Suite v1.24... 29 February 18:09