LimeRAT v0.1.8.4B

LimeRAT v0.1.8.4B

LimeRAT v0.1.8.4B


Simple yet powerful RAT which targeting Windows OS for educational purposes. This project is uncomplicated and easy to understand, targeting entry-level developers, It should improve your knowledge and skills as malware analysis and researcher.

NET – Coded in Visual Basic .NET, Client required framework 2.0 or 4.0 dependency, And the server is 4.0

Connection – Using as IP:PORT Instead of DNS

Encryption – The communication between server & client is encrypted with AES

Spreading – Infecting all files and folders on USB drivers

DDoS – Creating a powerful DDOS attack to make an online service unavailable

Crypto – Stealing Cryptocurrency sensitive data

XMR Miner – High-performance Monero CPU miner with user idle\active optimization

Ransomware – Encrypting files on all HHD and USB with *.Lime extension

And more – Screen-locker, Force enable Windows RDP, Persistence, File manager, Passowrds stealer, Remote desktop ,Bitcoin grabber ,Downloader ,Keylogger

Password : adrikadi

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