Remote Hacker probe

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Remote Hacker probe


Cross Platform Java RAT targeting Windows with a multitude of features. Built for Penetration Testers.

Main Features :
Execute DLL’s in memory using Reflective DLL Injection over Socket.
Download, Upload, Delete and browse the entire file System.
Reverse Shell, Full Access to the command line.
Scan Remote Network for hosts.
Port scan hosts in the Target Network.
Scan Remote Network for hosts vulerable to Eternal Blue.
Get Process Information by Process name.
Geolocate Client using IP Address on an interactive Map.
Shutdown / Restart the Remote PC.
Grab screenshot of the Remote PC.
Record Microphone input.
Add to Startup Persistence on command.
Display Message box.
Open URLS in the default browser.
USB Infection.
Active Window logging.
Client Path.
Password Recovery.
Vault & IE.
Credential Manager.
Task Manager.Visually Appealing and Theme able Graphical User Interface featuring Dark, Light, Solarized Dark and Solarized Light themes.
Built for ease and usability, Remote Hacker Probe is extremely easy to use and Set up.
The Server is coded in Java meaning it is Cross Platform! It will run anywhere in a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
Event Logging.
High Speed File Upload /
Whatsapp +79017473945

Password : adrikadi

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