sms Bot Android Botnet

sms Bot Android Botnet


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sms Bot Android Botnet


-Grabing all information about the victim (Phone Number, ICCID, IMEI, IMSI, Model, OS)


– Interception of incoming SMS messages and sending them to the web-panel and the control room.
– Call forwarding to any number
– Grabing all incoming and outgoing SMS

– Grabing all incoming and outgoing calls
– Record audio, sending it to the server (know what is happening around)
– Sending SMS to any room without the owner’s knowledge

The apk work but the panel seems to have some problems. Bots are not showed.
The infected phone connect right to the panel, i know it because there are two folder created named with the imei number of the infected phone (in /sound and /listing) but nothing inside these folders and nothing inside the database…
Maybe that someone here make it working.

Let me know if you need help for decompil the apk changing the host, etc… then recompil it.
for more help contact me


Password : adrikadi

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