SpyMax 4 RAT Cracked

SpyMax 4 RAT Cracked


SpyMax 4 RAT Cracked

It is the latest version of the android rat in the hacker’s market with a lot of many new and powerful features in it. It is used by hackers or pen testers to hack anyone android devices remotely over the internet.

About Spymax 4

What is SpyMax RAT? A Spy Max RAT is an android hacking tool by that you can hack anyone android devices remotely. Spy Max RAT series released two versions of the android remote administration tool in the past that name as SpyMax v1.0 & Spymax v2.0.

SpyMax 4 is the latest version of Spy Max RAT series and the latest version of android rat at this time. It comes with so many new and powerful features.

It designed accordingly to target smoothly android version 12 because old android rats not supported android version 12 hacking.

You can view your victim’s mobile screen remotely in real-time by using this android rat. It is a very simple and easy-to-use android remote access trojan.

You can capture a screenshot of the victim’s mobile by using this rat. You can see the victim’s front and back camera remotely in one click.

You can control all victim mobile remotely with one click. You can hack victim social media accounts. You can hack victim bank login details by using this android rat tool.

You can read victim all messages remotely. All commands will execute silently and the victim doesn’t know that he has been hacked.

You can view all contacts of the victim. You can dial any number from the victim’s mobile phone remotely by using this best rat.

It is also known as the name of spymax v3 because thereafter spymax 2 there is no version 3 released so people also calling it with name spymax 3.

You can also upload and download any file into your victim’s mobile. You can view all information about the victim device which includes their ( IMEI number, Network number, Country, Battery percentage, etc ).

You can encrypt any important file of your victim by using this best android rat tool. You can also vibrate the victim’s mobile by sending a command.

Now I tell you about some new features of spymax v4.0 rat that make it my favorite android rat. You will a binding feature is this android remote tool that is a new feature in this RAT.

The binding feature is not available in all previous versions of the android rat. By using this feature you can bind your spymax cracked payload with any other apk. For example, you can bind it with any game, with any social media, and with any video player app, etc.

By using this feature spymax cracked payload will inject inside the other apk and bypass all antivirus and play protect and the victim will not doubt on you that you will send him any kind of payload apk.

Another latest feature of this android rat is the merging feature. By using this feature you can merge your spymax 4.0 payload with another apk.

It is the same as the binding method but the process is different. In this method, It runs 2 apk at a single time. One is payload apk and another one is original apk.

In the binding method spymax v4.0 cracked payload injects inside another app and It will only run one process. Means payload and other apk work together in 1 process.

You can create startup persistence and anti-sleep payload in this latest android rat. You can also change the icon of your payload.

You can add multiple ports and DNS in spymax v4.0 cracked rat during the build. It has so many advantages if you add multiple DNS and ports in the payload.

If anyone will report your DNS hostname and your hostname got suspended then In case you can other DNS and port to made a connection with your hacked victims.

You can do any type of fun with your hacked victims by using this latest android rat. You can perform so many other activities from this android rat.


There are so many features in SpyMax Cracked 4 and some of them are as following below.

Hide payload
Bind payload
Payload Melt
Victim flag
Fully license activated
File manager
Call manager
Sms manager
Screen capture
Contacts manager
Location manager
Account manager
Camera manager
Front camera
Back camera
Shell terminal
Phone Information
Call phone
Many more etc…

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SpyMax 4 RAT Cracked

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